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In the archive we have paper copies of

Written in the Landscape will be digitising Campbell of Loch Etive papers

News in Autumn 2015 : Funding secured for the digitization of 64 Argyll and Bute Estate Archives .. 2018 .. the Written in the Landscape Project between the Argyll Papers and the Argyll and Bute Archives is progressing well .. they are running great community partner workshops, cataloguing in detail is underway along with the digitising of records for future accessibility

Inveraray Castle Archives - opens as a pdf
The National Archive
The National Archive of Scotland
The National Records of Scotland search link
National Register of Archives for Scotland (NRAS) : The National Register of Archives for Scotland (NRAS) was established by the Scottish Record Office (now the National Records of Scotland) in 1946 to compile a record of papers of historical significance in private hands in Scotland. The principal aims of the NRAS are to locate such papers and to encourage their care so that their loss and destruction may be avoided. The Register now contains over 4,200 surveys of private papers including the records of landed estates, private individuals, businesses, law firms and societies
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Lochaber Archives (summer 2018) Lochaber Archive Centre is no longer located in West Highland College, but in Alexander Ross House, Achintore Road, Fort William, PH33 6RQ
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Other 'Local' Archives in other areas to explore how others have organised and shared their records.
Board of Supervision poor relief appeals
The Board of Supervision was established under the 1845 Poor Law Act. One of its tasks was to hear appeals by paupers against inadequate poor relief granted by Parochial Boards. These appeals were recorded in the Board of Supervision minutes. Cases were often heard over an extended period. The minutes may contain a variety of information, including about other family members, medical conditions and other circumstances. For more information about these records, see here.
We do not currently have any records for this parish.
Sheriff Court paternity decrees
Single mothers often took the fathers of their children to court for child support. Such cases were known as filiation and aliment cases. The court could order the father to provide maintenance payments to the mother. If the mother won her case, the court would issue a decree, which would allow the mother to enforce payment of aliment. We have indexed all the records of such cases held by the National Records of Scotland from at least 1855 to 1880, and can provide digital images of the records. To order your copy, simply click on the Order now link in the table below.
We have not currently found any decrees for this parish.

School Leaving Certificate Exams
This is an index to the registers of school leaving certificate examination results (NRS Reference ED36). We do not currently have any records for this parish.
Anatomy register
This is an index to the registers of the Inspector of Anatomy for Scotland (NRS Reference MH1/1-MH1/30). We do not currently have any records for this parish.
List of Births with no Father's name 1855-1874
Your research hit a brick wall when you discovered a birth record missing this vital name? Choose Find the Father by any birth below to start breaking down that barrier today with our FREE search service. Where we've already identified the father, click on the Father Found link to order a copy of the record naming the father. For births outwith this period, click here.
Find the father
Child name Date of birth Mother name Order
Alexander CAMPBELL 4 April 1866 Christina CAMPBELL Find the father
Thomas CRERAR 10 February 1861 Christina CRERAR Father found
Duncan MACCALLUM 30 November 1855 Catharine MACCALLUM Find the father
Donald MCCALLUM 22 April 1870 Ann MCCALLUM Find the father
John MCCOLL 5 February 1859 Janet MCCOLL Find the father
Archibald MCLACHLAN 5 February 1863 Margaret MCLACHLAN Find the father
Mary MCLEAN 15 October 1866 Mary MCLEAN Find the father
John MCLEOD 18 July 1865 Martha MCLEOD Find the father
Donald MCPHAIL 26 September 1874 Catherine MCPHAIL Find the father
Margaret NOLAN 25 June 1859 Margaret NOLAN Find the father
Donald SINCLAIR 3 October 1869 Margaret SINCLAIR Find the father

General Register of Lunatics
This index shows patients from this parish admitted to asylums. We have not yet identified any patients from this parish.
Rolls of Male Heads of Families
In 1834, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland passed the Veto Act, removing the absolute right of landowners to appoint ministers to their parish. The Act gave male heads of families who were communicants with the parish the right to veto the appointment of a new minister if a majority of them objected. To this end, the Assembly instructed kirk sessions to draw up rolls of the male heads of families in each parish. We have transcribed the surviving rolls, and are publishing them here. They are significant as they pre-date the earliest nominal census, which took place in 1841.
No Roll of Male Heads of Families has yet been found for this parish

Kirk Session Records Index
Use the name links below to go to the entries for the person you are interested in. We have selected 1832 as an example year for parishes across Scotland. If you would like more information about the existence of Kirk Session minutes for this or another parish or would like to search for particular people in the minutes please contact us.

We have not yet indexed any Kirk Session records for this parish.

Newspapers Archives


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