Achnaba Kirk

The Kirk have created a lovely website with history and information about their current events.
Built in 1836
Closed for worship - 28 Jan 2019
This building has always been open for visitors but will now be locked. The key is available by arrangement.

Kirk Session Minutes
We have many images of the grave stones .. would anyone be interested in uploading the information on to the Findagrave site

Category B listed building
Canmore catalogue entry

Nov 2018 - Threat of closure to Achnaba church due to lack of funds
‘The Ardchattan Kirk Session has asked Argyll presbytery for permission to sell Ardchattan Church and their request is currently under consideration. The Kirk Session has decided that the congregation’s other building, St Modan’s Church in Benderloch, would best serve their long-term vision and needs,’ added the spokesperson. Ardchattan kirk, built in 1836, serves the communities of Benderloch, Bonawe, Barcaldine, North Connel and surrounding areas.

Minsters of Ardchattan Parish from 1639

First worship in the new kirk on Sunday 17 September

The Land was donated by General Campbell of Lochnell, and the building had cost the local heritors £1,100 to build, from granite and sandstone quarried locally.
When completed it would hold 430 parishionners.
There is a session room, a ministers room, as well as 2 for local heritors, including Lochnell.
The long central communion table is a rare feature in current kirks in Scotland, the place where those who could not afford to rent a pew would have to sit.
The kirk has changed little since.. more details from

Images of the church by J M Briscoe 2013

Does anyone have a copy of the Ardchattan Monumental Inscriptions they could share with the Archive ? .. there are 600 included in

Gravestones / Memorial Inscriptions at Achnaba (which includes some more modern ones):

Find a Grave Ardchattan

achnaba-profile.jpgSCOTTISH RECORD OFFICE
GD 170/514/3 The Burial Aisle and Mausoleum.
Specification for finishing the aisle belonging to Barcaldine and building a mausoleum for the family of Barcaldine.
John Drummon and James Lawson, masons.
GD 170/519/6
Specification for finishing the Heritors' Minister's and Elders' rooms adjoining the Church proposed to be built according to John Thom's plan.
GD 170/2367/11 Proposal to build a new church at a more convenient place and repair the existing church at Ardchattan.
Letter from Col. Robert Campbell of Ardchattan.
He agrees to the proposal although he regrets the move.
GD 170/519/3 Estimate for building Ardchattan Church [according to John Thom's plan.]
It amounts to (pounds) 972.4.1
GD 170/2431/1 The new Church.
Andrew Elliot writes that he is disappointed with the money he has received for his labour at Ardchattan Church.
Letter to Sir Donald Campbell of Barcaldine.
GD 170/2314/26/1 and 2 [Cross ref. GD 170/249] The Church
Letters suggesting that the old church might be repaired and a new church built in the most populous part of the parish, along with a new manse.
General Duncan Campbell proposes that the plan should be put to the heritors.
GD 170/519/4 Specification for building the new church.
According to a plan submitted by John Thom.
GD 170/2451/3 and 4 The Mausoleum.

Letters from James Gillespie Graham. He is sending plan, elevations and a working drawing. The Arms are to be cut in Edinburgh so the mason must leave room for them.

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