Place names also Achinrier ; Achanrear ; Achinrear ; Auchinrear ; Achinrare ; Achinrayre ;
Meaning - achadh an reidhthir —field of the level ground.

A farm in Barcaldine, about 1 km up B845, now home to the wonderful Highland fold ice cream which is open to the public at certain times.

Title Tirarthur, Perthshire
Dates 1602-1635
Access status Open
Location On site
Description Including:
1. Extract contract between Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay, kt. and Colin Campbell, his eldest son, on one part, and Archibald Campbell, brother of said Duncan, and Margaret Toscheoch, his spouse, on other part, whereby said Archibald and Margaret surrender 3 merkland of Murlagan Moir, 10 merkland of Nether Larach (?Lanich), 4 merkland of Cortharmuik with forest, 4 merkland of Tirray, £3 land of Tulliche, £3 land of Dalgirdy, pertaining to granter by reversion made to him by deceased Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay, his father, in sheriffdom of Perth, £6 land of Achinrear, 8 merkland of Lesmoir with chantry thereof, 10 merkland of Achlyne, 2 merkland of Contaliche, 4 merkland of Drumveik, lodging in burgh of Perth in Southgate on north side thereof, pertaining to granter as heir of deceased Mr Patrick Campbell, his brother, in said sheriffdom, maills and duties thereof, and all bairn's part of goods, heirship etc., as heir of said Patrick or of Colin Campbell of Ardbeith, his brother, 13 April 1602.
February 24-5 (Breadalbane Muniments)
Copy rental of teinds of the laird of Glenurquhay's lands, within parishes of Ballivoydan, Killninure and Kilmoir.
With valuation of teinds of lands belonging to Alexander Campbell of Auchinreir, by subcommissioners of the valuations within diocese of Argyll, in meeting at Inveraray, 24-5 February 1630.
February 3
Copy decreet of valuation of lands belonging to Alexander Campbell of Auchinrier in parish of Ballevadine.
On Blaeu map
GD170/1306 Title Letter from Duncan McIntyre, in Achinrear to Duncan Campbell of Glenure (later of Barcaldine)
Dates 27 Feb 1775
Access status Open
Description Estate matters. With an enclosure. Dated at Achinrare.
| Papers re rent and other payments by tenants, tacks and offers Barcaldine Papers GD170/568 4. Auchinrear. Peter MacIntyre's offer, 1797, for farm, and papers re tack to Alexander and Hugh Campbell, tenants at Auchinruir, and James Campbell at Dunbeg near Oban, for 12 years, 1828. 1800-29. [15 documents.]
GD170/514 Barcaldine Papers (on site) - Building and house repairs
Dates 1801-1837
Description 1. Achanrear. n.d. [1 document.]
GD170/579 Title Surveying
Dates 1814-1835
Access status Open
Location On site
Description Receipt by Alexander Langlands to Barcaldine for 10 guineas for surveying low ground of Achinrear, 2 crofts and common pasture of Barcaldine, Shian and Sea bank crofts, with farm of Balure and 1 day going to Ellerick, 1 June 1814.
Report … of estate of Barcaldine. By Andrew Henderson, September, 1835. Printed.
Census - 8 households

Dalronich : Auchaw : Auchinreir : Tynacachly : Barcaldine house
Address: Auchinreir
MCDONALD Donald M 63 Ag Lab Argyllshire
McDONALD Margaret F 55 Argyllshire
McDONALD Alexander M 14 Argyllshire
KEITH Neil M 12 Male Servant Argyllshire

MCDONALD Hugh M 60 Ag Lab Argyllshire
McDONALD Mary F 55 Argyllshire
McKENZIE Jessie F 2 Argyllshire

CUNNINGHAM Donald M 50 Ag Lab Argyllshire
CUNNINGHAM Catherine F 45 Argyllshire
CUNNINGHAM Peter M 20 Argyllshire
CUNNINGHAM Dugald M 15 Argyllshire
CUNNINGHAM Betty F 7 Argyllshire
Folio: 2 Page: 5
Address: Auchinreir
McAMPBELL John M 60 Ag Lab Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Catherine F 35 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL James M 12 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Alexander M 9 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Peter M 5 Argyllshire

McAMPBELL Mary F 45 Farmer Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Mary F 20 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Ann F 18 Argyllshire
McCORQUODALE Alexander . M 25 Male Servant Argyllshire
BUCHANAN Neil M 13 Male Servant Argyllshire
McVEAN Elizabeth F 75 Argyllshire

McAMPBELL Alexander . M 55 Farmer Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Ann F 45 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL James M 21 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Sally F 13 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Alexander M 11 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Dugald M 9 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL John M 6 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Isabella F 4 Argyllshire

McUNNINGHAM Archibald M 50 Cotter Argyllshire
CUNNINGHAM Ann F 60 Argyllshire
CUNNINGHAM Donald M 29 Argyllshire

COWAN Catherine F 50 Cotter Argyllshire
COWAN Duncan M 20 Shoemaker Argyllshire
Folio: 2 Page: 6
Address: Auchinreir
McAMPBELL Hugh M 50 Farmer Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Mary F 45 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL John M 15 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Robert M 13 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Hugh M 10 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Archibald M 8 Argyllshire
CAMPBELL Margaret F 7 Argyllshire

MCINTYRE Donald M 50 Ag Lab Argyllshire
McINTYRE Elizabeth F 35 Outside Census County (1841)
McINTYRE Ann F 12 Argyllshire
McINTYRE Lilias F 10 Argyllshire
McINTYRE William M 8 Argyllshire
McINTYRE Donald M 6 Argyllshire
McINTYRE Janet F 4 Argyllshire
McINTYRE John M 8m Argyllshire

Barcaldine estate sold to Donald Charles Cameron 1781-1848 when he returned from his sugar plantations
: 1851
Farm and Crofters faced with evictions by Barcaldine estate owner - see Newspaper articles in digital archive
AF66/31 Land Settlement (S) Act, 1919

Description Schemes: Achanrear and Benbhreac (Barcaldine) Argyll.

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