Place name meaning
Achacha- Achadh a’ chadha –field of the path. (2 p. 66 ) (possibly not reliable)
( Depending on whether the ‘a’ is long or short, it could be achadh a chàtha=winnowing field or achadh a catha=field of the skirmish or battle. Cadha could also refer to a narrow pass or ravine at the foot of a slope. Another possibility is a corruption of Achadh nan Gall-the field of the non-speakers of Gaelic i.e. Norsemen)

Achacha is up over the hill from where the Sea Life centre is now, over looking Loch Creran.
In the past this was an area of land much used in trading by the Campbells of Barcaldine.

It has clearly been an area of significant importance to Man from the very early days as there are a number of ancient monuments in the area.

Standing Stone: OS Grid Reference – NM 944 407 -

map shows path about 100m W of Sea Life carpark entry, going S, passing to your right (40m) Tobar Chlium-chille (a well) and in 250m a Cairn and standing stone

in the same area is a well dedicated to St Columba.

In the present day the forestry commission run the lands, and it has been recently clear felled (2014) exposing the topography again for a brief while.
The Sustrans route now runs through the lower parts of the land
The forestry cottages that were built in the early 1900's are mostly gone, bar one that is can be found by following the road to Lochandubh kennels from the Salach glen road.

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