27 February : James Johnstone born to William Johnstone and Jean Nisbet
9 May : Duncan McIntyre born to Donald McIntyre and Anne McIntyre Achnrare
12 April : Duncan Cunningham born to Dugald Cunningham and Catherine McColl at Ferlochan
26 August : Isobel Thomson born to Hugh Thomson and Margaret Anderson at Ferlochan
24 July : John Cunningham born to Duncan Cunningham and Anne Colquhoun at Achacha
12 May : Catherine McIntyre born to Peter McIntyre and Mary McIntyre at Ferlochan
24 September : John McIntyre born to Donald McIntyre and Margaret McIntyre at Ferlochan
12 February : Donald McYuill ??CHECK?? to Duncan McYuill and Mary Morrison at Balure near Lochnell House
24 October : Duncan McPherson to Donald MacPherson and Christian ????Smudge? in Achnrare
4 October : ?John?smudge to Peter McIntyre and Marion SMUDGE at Achacha

Caledonia Mercury June 29 1789
Farms of Lochnell estates put up for sale for entry Whitsun 1790
Balour, Island of Eriska, Miln and Croft of Kentallen, Keil, Craignuick, Ledaig, Ferry of Connel, Lochannabech, Achnacreemore, Achnacreebeg, Achnabaw, Deirrynaseir in Ardchattan,
plus lands of Muckairn, Kilmore and Glenkinglass.
Captain Duncan Campbell of Lochnell, at Lochnell house.

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