American war of independance continues - and more troops are needed.

Nobles or members of the landed gentry who offered to raise regiments would enlist far from their estates, as well as locally.
When the Seventy-first, of Fraser's Highlanders, was raised in 1775-6, men were sought well beyond the Highlands.
Charles Campbell of Ardchattan, who became a lieutenant in the Seventy-first, used his father's Edinburgh connections to raise soldiers in the city; while Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine, soon to become captain, even paid an agent to find men in Newcastle.1

history of highland regiments book

Old Seventy First Regiment
1775 - 1783
Colonel Simon Fraser of Lovat -
The American revolutionary war triggered the revival of Frasers highlanders in 1775, under Colonel Fraser.. he had already been granted the family estates of Lovat forfeited in 1746.
in a few months 2 battalions of 2340 Highlanders was raised. assembled first at Stirling, then Glasgow April 1776
First Battalion -
Charles Campbell, son of ARdchattan, killed at Catauba

Second Battalion
Patrick Campbell, Son of Glenure

Dougald Campbell, son of Achnaba
Hugh Campbell, son of Glenure

At the time when the regiment was mustered in Glasgow, there were nearly 6000 Highlanders in that city, of whom 3000 belonging to the 42nd and 71st regiments were raised and brought from the North in 10 weeks.
A finer and a more healthy and robust body of men could not have been selected ; and their conduct was so laudable and exemplary as to gain the affections of the inhabitants, between whom and the soldiers the greatest cordiality prevailed. So great was the desire of the Highlanders to enlist into this new regiment, that before leaving Glasgow for embarkation, it was found that more men had arrived than were required, and it became necessary, therefore, to leave some of them behind.

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