1001 - 1499

1098c Treaty between Norway and Scotland, which confirms the Norwegian supremacy over the Argyll Islands
1124 David I becomes king and introduces the feudal system of landholding to much of Scotland.
1156 Somerled defeats the Norse King of Mann and the Isles, establishing his own semi-independent rule as ri Innse Gall-King of the Hebrides.
1164 Somerled, Lord of the Isles, is killed and his forces defeated by Malcolm IV in the Battle of Renfrew.

1230c Ardchattan Priory is established by Duncan MacDougall, Somerleds grandson, and current Lorn of Lorn
1240c Ewan MacDougall succeeds Duncan (who probably built Dunstaffnage Castle
1249 King Alexander II comes to Dunstaffnage seeking Ewans support against the Norse. The King dies on Kerrera shortly afterwards. https://www.scottishhistory.org/books/alexander-ii-king-scots-1214-1249/
1263 Battle of Largs where King Hakon of Norway is defeated and dies shortly after at Kirkwall.
1266 The Treaty of Perth, whereby the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzerainty suzerainty of Argyll is passed from Norway to Scotland.
1275c Ewan MacDougall dies, son Alexander succeeds him and to Dunstaffnage.
1292 Edward I of England intervenes in Scottish affairs and grants the Scottish throne to John Balliol.
1296 Edward 1 of England invades Scotland and the Wars of Independance begin
1297 Andrew de Moravia and William Wallace lead the Scots to victory over England at Stirling Bridge.

1305 Wallace is executed in London.
1306 Robert the Bruce is crowned at Scone
1308 King Robert the Bruce uses Ardchattan Priory for the last Gaelic speaking Royal Council
1309 King Robert defeats the MacDougalls at the Battle of the Pass of Brander, and takes hold of Dunstaffnage Castle
1310 King Robert stays at Dunstaffnage Castle
1314 Robert the Bruce defeats the English at Bannockburn. Wars and strife between Scotland and Ireland continue involving both Robert and Edward Bruce.
1320 Nobles assert Scottish independence in the Declaration of Arbroath.
1322 King Robert removes the MacDougalls from Dunstaffnage Castle and passes it to Arthur Campbell, setting up the Captaincy of Dunstaffnage
1328 Treaty of Northampton. England recognises Scottish independence.
1371 Robert II becomes first Stewart king.
1388c John Stewart of Innermeath is granted the castle and lordship
1470 Charter, de me, by Colin, earl of Argyll in favour of Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay, his uncle, of … many lands of the parish transferred - click on date for more details.
1493 Lordship of the Isles abolished.
In 1540 the title was reserved to the crown.

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