0000 - 1000 AD

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1st Century - Naoise and Deirdre establishing their home at Dun mac Uisneachan / [Beregonium]
563 Saint Columba founds a monastery at Iona and begins his mission to the northern Picts. we have a number of Columba sites including the cell at the graveyard at Craignuek and a well north of Dalrannoch
The Scotia arrive in Argyll in force from Ireland, and it is possible one of their earliest strongholds was Dun Mac Uisneachan. This vitrified fort was a very significant establishment in both size and influence of its day.
574 Áedán mac Gabráin (Aidan MacGabhran) begins reign over the Gaelic kingdom of Dál Riata annointed King of Scots by St Columba at Iona.
575 Western Scotland is granted independence from the Irish Dalriada, after a convention at Drum Ceatt near Derry.
592 St Moluag dies
597 St Columba dies
Dalriada era
732 Death of Nechtan mac Der-Ilei; Óengus mac Fergusa becomes King of the Picts.
735 Óengus mac Fergusa, King of the Picts, campaigns against Dál Riata, and seizes and burns the royal centre of Dunadd
Vikings raiding and also settling in the area. Whilst the incursions are violent, there are many Norse who settle, bringing their skills in agriculture, their culture, burials and the names of our present day places.
802 Iona burned by Vikings
806 The monasteries under Iona are attacked by Vikings, killing 68 monks
820 Death of Caustantín mac Fergusa.
829 Abbot Diarmait, abbot of Iona, goes to Alba with relics of St Columba
831 Diarmait of Iona goes to Ireland with relics of St Columba

843 Death of Kenneth mac Alpin, King of the Picts; "union of Picts and Scots" traditionally dated from his reign.
849 Stone of Destiny is moved from Iona to Dunkeld
850 Bishopric moved from Iona to Dunkeld

The Norse remain a powerful influence over the area

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